Friday, April 2, 2010

Three cheers for the "gate threat" working its magic...again

I'm gonna blame this behavior on being a boy. 
Maybe that's because my girls never did this. They never made a habit of coming into my room - between the 3am and 4am hour - sitting on the floor and complaining that morning takes "SOOO LONG" to get here. 

And I'm betting that even if they HAD acted that way, that they would NOT have taken it upon themselves to scream so loud that our neighbors - in TEXAS - could hear them, simply to make the point that they do NOT want to go back to bed. 

Nope. It's gotta be a boy thing. Months ago, we purchased Connor a digital clock and told him he was not allowed to come into our room until the first number was a 6...not a 5...not a 4...and God help him if it was a 3...

We thought we hit the bullseye when, for a period of time, he stopped coming down. 

That didn't last. So out came the threat - "Get out of bed one more time before 6 and we will lock you in your room.'

I would have done it too. But I didn't have to. He stopped.

Until recently. Seems the "6" takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to come, so, once again, there is Connor, on MY side of the bed, whining and complaining that it isn't time to get up. Then, once upstairs and I'm back in bed (because, oh yes, I HAVE to take him up, or else he will wake the dead), he gets up to do any or all of the following:
1. go to the bathroom
2. turn on the hall light
3. turn on his light
4. sit in his sister's closet to play with the toys they have in there
5. try to crawl into bed with one of them
6. play with his train table (at THREE IN THE MORNING!!! HELLOOOO!!!)

So, up I get again. "Connor, get in bed. No, you cannot play Lite Bright, or play music, or read. You must go to sleep."

To no avail. And I need my sleep. So out the threat came again - two nights ago. 
"If we see you before 6am, you WILL have a gate put up and you will NOT be able to come down."

Fingers crossed, we are on night #3 of no visits from Connor. 
We will see how long this lasts...

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