Monday, April 26, 2010

Talk about catching me off guard...

I was driving the kids home from school, just now as a matter of fact, when out of the blue, Abby asks me:
"Mom, isn't it true that babies come out of your ass?"


Not bottom, or bum, or privates, no no....ass!

Oh my God I started laughing hysterically - I was so taken aback.

Good Lord, what a good laugh.

Once the tears stopped coming, I nonchalantly explained, in 4th grade terms, where babies "came out of."

Sometimes, I tell ya...


Jules said...

Laughing my baby-churning a$$ off!! Hilarious!!

maura said...

HAHA!! wow! i think i would've been laughing too!! holy crap! well, now she knows!

Tracey English said...

Well, she KINDOF knows...I havent had "the talk" and hope to have another year or so before I have to. But yes, she now knows that they do not come out of your a$$!!! :)

I still laugh thinking about it. I was so floored by her saying it.

Elisa B said...

Sooooooo not looking forward to all those conversations that will have to be had with kids!

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