Monday, April 26, 2010

No editing necessary - you will ALL catch my drift...

Actual conversation going on RIGHT now...nothing edited. No kidding. 
Pure family entertainment. Through and through. 
(And yes, for those wondering, we DO do more than play the Wii...)

Connor (From here on out, known as "C"): I want a Yoshi.
C: You arent being a nice friend.
C: I need that!
Chris: Everybody jump!
A: Sorry!
A: 1.2.3!
K: UGH - The Yoshi!
C: Jump!
C: No one is jumping
Chris: Everyone jump
A: Connor, stop twisting!
C: Wait, we arent done!
K: Ughhhh! Stop Connor!
Chris: See, if we work together it will work!
C: I want a Yoshi!
C: You took my Yoshi

WAIT - was that a giggle? a laugh??
No way. Not while the Wii is on...

C: Wait - you killed me! You killed me guys!
Chris: Kee come back

K: Sorry
C You killed me, who killed me?
C: Crying
C: You killed me with my flying!
Chris: Here take the Yoshi. But dont hit me. Why are you eating me?
C: Crying - I want my flying!
K: 1.2.3.
C; I dont want to turn it off
Chris: Are you going to be nice?
C: Dont kill me again, crying. You guys killed me. 
A: Didnt mean to, sorry.
C: Dad, why didnt you give me the Yoshi?
Chris: Way to go, Abby. Its your fault.
A: That wasnt me.

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Laura Hodson said...

Kadon and I stopped playing two player Super Mario Bros. Wii. We can't do it without fighting and yelling at each other, so I can't imagine trying to play it with three kids.

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