Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I know Im not the only one who does this...

What IS IT about Target? 

Tonight, it was (again) my refuge - a brief hiatus from the chaos of home. No one calling my name, crying because I'm not holding her, begging me to do this or that. None of that.

I can't be the only one. I know Im not. 

I told Chris tonight that after dinner, I had to go to Target to get some diapers (which was true, by the way). He kindly offered to go for me. 

"No, that's ok. I'll go."
"I really can go, let me get them for you."

How quickly he forgets that sometimes I yearn for my Target time. I count the minutes, in fact, until I can leave the house and perhaps wander aimlessly through rows and rows of items I not only DON'T NEED, but also DON'T WANT. Still, the wandering - with a Starbucks in hand - calms me. 

There are those times, however, that he does recognize that I am on the verge of either losing my mind completely or running away - far, far away - and in fact, encourages me to take some "me" time at Target. 

"Hon, why don't you go get an Iced Americano at Target and relax a little while?"

I guess he figures that if I'm gonna run away, I may as well not run as far and instead head to the nearest Target. Other stores don't have the same effect. Good lord, Wal-Mart is a no-go. The grocery store is a bit on the boring side, and well, even the finest clothing stores wouldn't suffice. The guilt that comes from buying something for myself is too much. But if I splurge on myself at Target, I don't feel as guilty. I mean, come on, tonight I tried on a top that was $5.99 on clearance. And it was very  cute!

Still, I walked out of Target with ONLY the items on my list - diapers, batteries, dental floss and soap - but the time away, that, well that was priceless. 

I can't be the only one. 



Elisa B said...

you AREN'T! People teased us after Eli left Target, asking if we would still shop there. OF COURSE! I too, love the "me" time to buy diapers and what not. Tracey, this made me laugh! I could have written it (except with a skinny, decaf latte in hand). Never Wal-mart - just Target. My friends even end up there on date nights!

Tracey English said...

Oh Elisa, we end up there on date nights, sad. I think it drives Chris crazy, but not me!! :)

Anonymous said...

so true... love Target. My drink in hand is a chai latte, but the wandering is the same. No kidding, one night I spent TWO hours there just wandering & browsing. John called and was like - where the heck ARE you?!


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