Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gardening with a 10 year old, and a 7 year old, and a 4 year old, oh yes, and the baby

Wednesday nights are one of the RARE nights that the kids dont have soccer, or scouts, or play practice or whatever else they do. I don't teach and Chris doesn't go out on his weekly MAN DATE until the kids go to bed. (Oh yes, its weekly...)

The perfect night to garden, clean up the yard and make some headway on our house so that we don't look like "those neighbors" who couldn't care less about the appearance of their home. Because lets face it, Im a yard snob. 

Yes, I know Chris hasnt been able to move for three weeks. But come on, cant he at least MOW THE YARD? Sweep? Trim? Something? 

Ok - tonight was to be the night - the first of many - spent outside tending to the yard, gardens. etc.

I'll give you the quick version:
7pm: Libby in exersaucer on deck. Chris trimming. Me pulling out dead plants and weeding. Connor whining. Abby singing. Keely sweeping (I love that kid!) ;)
7:08pm or thereabout: Libby beginning to cry in exersaucer on deck. Abby, still singing, trying to entertain. Connor helping Chris do "boy stuff." Keely singing to the broom, but still sweeping. Me? Still trying to pull out this darn bush.
7:15pm: Libby - not happy. Bored perhaps? Hungry? When did she eat? Connor annoyed that he cant sweep. Crying on the swings. Abby, singing. Keely - where is Keely? Chris still working in the shed.
7:20pm: Time to move unhappy Libby to the swing. I stop working in the garden. Place Libby in swing, ask Abby to watch her. She says yes and then proceeds to do cartwheels all over the backyard guessed it...singing. Keely acting like Cinderella. Who knows where Connor is?
7:30pm: Ive gotten the bush pulled up, one garden raked and am thinking its going pretty well. Libby - not happy - time to make a bottle. Place her on her mat and let her feed herself. Connor annoyed (again) this time because Abby is making too much noise. 
7:38pm: Bottle gone. Libby crying. Maybe time for bed. Connor picking up sticks and throwing them at the girls. Girls arguing about who gets to be Cinderella. Chris working. Me? Contemplating a good drink.
7:43pm: Time to get pjs on Libby. Rubbing her eyes, so I place her in bed. Go back outside to tend to rest of garden. I realize that in 43 minutes, I have done nothing but get a bush pulled up and one garden raked. 

I am now tired (and still want that drink). But alas, still, (and I mean this) a great night home with everyone with no place we had to be. 

And hey, I dont have a dead, ugly bush in my backyard anymore, and THAT makes this yard snob one happy woman! :)

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