Sunday, March 14, 2010


I wish that I had done a better job of writing every milestone down that my kids accomplished and when...when did they sit? roll over? hold their bottle? crawl? say their first word?

But I didnt. Sure, I tried to keep a baby book. And I was good at it for a few weeks or months. But beyond that, not so good. Not that it didn't matter. On the contrary. It did. But it simply didn't get transferred from my excited mind into a bound book. I couldn't tell you half of the milestones if I tried. 

I know Abby was walking at 9 months.
I know her first word was "light" and Keely's first word was "ball" and so was Connor's.
I know that Kee started walking at 14 months. 
I know that Connor was our best sleeper - until Libby, that is. This kid takes the cake on that one.

But today I captured some photos of Libby sitting all by herself. It made me happy and sad at the same time. Was it so long ago that I had her? I can remember her birthday like it was yesterday (and if anyone reading this knows about my lack of memory, this is, in fact, a HUGE deal!). :)

Time flies. 

My kids are getting so big. Abby is talking on the phone to friends and being told that "she's been on long enough." Is she really old enough for that already?
Is Keely really almost 8 years old? Is Connor really starting pre-k in the fall?
And is Libby REALLY sitting up all on her own already? 
Pretty soon she will crawl away from me, ready to explore the house and surroundings that she has simply looked at until that point. 

Remind me to stop and smell the roses. Remind me to kiss them goodnight every night and when one of them asks me to read them a story, or sing a song with them, or tuck them in, remind me that one day they won't ask me to do all of these things anymore. I won't be the cool mom. I will be the mom they do NOT want to be around. I will embarrass them by dropping them off too close to school, or picking them up too early from a school dance, or telling their friends something I shouldn't have told them. 

But not yet. So I will do my best to relish in their small accomplishments and milestones - knowing that even though they may not make it into their baby books, they are forever ingrained in my mind and my heart. 

For tonight - lets give three cheers for Libby, who is quickly learning how fun it is to sit up all by herself!! :)

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