Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just another day in the life of a mom...

Today was a very full day...yes, full is a great way to describe it.

Working till noon was the easier part of my day. 
Got home from there, fed Connor lunch and Libby some baby food (she appears quite partial to carrots and prunes...yum)
Took Libby and Connor to the doctor for Libby. It isnt pinkeye for those who were concerned. 
Had about 45 minutes to kill. I need Valentines items and Abby's birthday gifts. Lets go to Wal-Mart. 

Great idea. 

I thought we were doing well. Libby is asleep and there arent too many people there, so Im getting through pretty well. Until I lost Connor. 

That kid.

Yes, he thinks that lately, hiding from me is fun. And funny. I am not amused. 

I can see it now - "Local woman dies of heart attack at age of 26 (ok, 36) while frantically searching for her 4-year old."

That was fun. Oh yes, and he has already mastered the whole "OWWWWW, MOMMY, YOURE HURTING ME!!" when I barely touch him. 

Wal-Mart was NOT a good idea. 

Ahh, well. Time to get the kids. Carpool day for me. Picked up Kee and Evan and took Evan home.

Now what to do? Abby is trying out for the talent show, but hell, thats not over till 5 pm and its only 3:43pm...Im not going to auditions for an hour and a half with Connor. Im not THAT insane.

No, instead..."Hey kids, wanna go to Starbucks?"

Come on, who doesnt like Starbucks? 

So we braved it. Connor was actually on pretty good behavior. Thank God. 

Ok, we waste enough time - time to go BACK to school to get Abby.

Happily, I saw her audition - she was singing with a friend, with the help of Taylor Swift, and did VERY well! :) 

5:15pm...time to round up the troops and go home to get something done for dinner, complete Valentines, make birthday treats for Abby, finish the laundry, organize Abby's birthday sleepover and put the baby to bed.

Oh yes, and play on my new computer! :)

Yes, my day was full. I am tired. 
Just a wee bit tired.

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