Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I remember when...

Today I was reminded of myself as a child...when it was SOOO cool to place fake fingernails on my nails to look SOOO much older. SOOO much more sophisticated. SOOO much better than when I had MY own, boring nails showing.

Keely purchased some fake nails yesterday from Claire's - one of the girls' favorite places. 

She eagerly asked me - at least 28 times - if I could help her put them on. 

Last night she asked me as I was making dinner (no), feeding Libby (no) and getting ready to put everyone to sleep (no). Today, she asked me after she was done with breakfast and I was feeding Libby (no), when we were about 10 minutes away from heading out the door (no) and when we got home from the gym and yes, it was lunch time (no).

I think Keely got tired of waiting on me. After all, she HADDD gotten the nails an ENTIRE 18 hours ago, and she couldn't BEAR the thought of them NOT being on!~

tick tock tick tock tick tock.

"Where's Keely?"
"Up in her room."

"Kee, what are you doing?"
I hear crying. 
I enter her bathroom, where she is desperately trying to get the darn CRAZY SUPER glue off her fingers, hands, arms and bathroom counter. 
"I got stuck. It didn't work, so I cut the glue bottle and it went everywhere!!!! Now my fingers are stuck together!!" 
I calmed her down. Told her its ok. Did my motherly duty. Got her fingers un-stuck.

And then, I added one tiny word of advice:
"Maybe next time when I tell you to wait for my help you will listen."

She didn't like hearing that. 
The price of beauty. Learned at a very early age. 


Carrie said...

I remember gluing my fingers together!!!!! HA!!!

maura said...

geeez. glad you were able to get them un-glued! augh! too funny, though. i remember you with the fake nails too! haha :)

Allie Confer said...

Kind of like when my mom wouldn't help me cut my bangs because the stupid tornado sirens were going off and she felt that was more important so I did it myself. Super short and uneven, of course. :) Live and learn.

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