Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For the love of science fair projects...

The girls were so excited to participate in the science fair again this year. Whoopee. Science fair. Time to get our creative juices flowing...to test the scientific method...to compile a masterpiece of brilliant ideas...OK OK enough.

So I said ok. I mean, they do it every year, why not this year?
The topics seemed easy enough - Keely wanted to see which tasted better - generic foods or brand names. Abby wanted to see which popcorn popped the fastest.

Why they chose to do projects where they could test their materials, I dont know, but who am I to complain? I dont have to spend hours researching anything with them online.

You wanna taste test and time popcorn? So be it. That part was easy. What gets me is what ALWAYS gets me. The display-making portion of the whole thing.

That part? Not so easy on mom. No, not easy at all.

Here are a few questions I want to ask them - no, scream at them:
1. WHY do you write so small even though we have to fill an ENTIRE display board?
2. WHY can't you write in a straight line?
3. WHY are your photos unbalanced and surrounded by hearts and peace signs?
4. WHY are you crossing out a word you spelled incorrectly? Dont you know that looks messy?
5. WHY did you place your chart THERE when CLEARLY it would look better HERE?

Oh there were so many more, but the one I really wanted to ask is this:

What kind of mom am I anyway? For God sakes, I get annoyed when I walk around the science fair and see projects that are SO BLANTANTLY done by parents.

Im not one of THOSE parents, am I?
I mean, I SAY I want to ask the girls these questions, and I cannot tell a lie, they knew I was having a hard time when the lines werent straight and the pictures werent cut JUST RIGHT, but still, I let them complete these things. Believe me, you will KNOW that I didnt do them as soon as you look a them!

Im proud of them though. Im proud my girls want to participate in this and look forward to completing their projects.

But Im most proud of the fact that I bit my tongue more times than I care to admit while watching them complete these projects.

THANK GOD they are done. One more year...until it happens again.

I sure hope they get first place. :)

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