Thursday, February 11, 2010

The difference between my first child and my fourth (and God help me, my last) child

My, how things change once you have more than one child:

1. Sleeping arrangements:
Child 1: Must be in the same room - in the same bed - with me at all times. No questions asked.
Child 2: Must be in the same room - after a few months - then off to her room. Monitor on, door open, video surveillance in use. 
Child 3: In her own room from the start, monitor on, door open.
Child 4: In her own room, but lets shut the door. And who needs a monitor? 

2. Crying responses:
Child 1: Oh my! What's wrong? Hold her, baby her, bounce with her, sing to her, stand on your head to make her happy.
Child 2: What's wrong? Don't cry, you're, let me hold you.
Child 3: Where's the binky? 
Child 4: She's fine...she'll stop soon...don't worry about it.

3. Growing stats:
Child 1: "MMMMMYYY child is in the 50%th percentile for both. She is perfect."
Child 2: "MMMMMYYY child was in the 50th percentile the last time she was in...I think."
Child 3: "When is my doctor's appointment?"
Child 4: If she isn't sick, she isn't going to the doctor. 

4. Who's holding who?
Child 1: Eyes on the child at all times...who is holding her and how?
Child 2: Eyes still on her, but a little less concerned with how...
Child 3: Don't drop the baby.
Child 4: Hmmm, does anyone know where the baby is? 

5. Clothing the baby:
Child 1: $100 spent on a top. $100 spent on a skirt.
Child 2: $50 spent on a top. $50 spent on a skirt.
Child 3: Use your hand-me-downs, and occasionally dish out some $$ for a top and bottom combo (a cheap one)
Child 4: Hmmm, sure, Ill take anyone elses' leftovers. Who cares if they are for a boy?

6. Babysitters
Child 1: Grandparents ONLY
Child 2: Grandparents and aunts/uncles only
Child 3: Occasional professional, MAYBE a college student
Child 4: Older siblings (only if they are older than 9) and anyone else who will bravely sit for 4 kids

7. The binky: 
Child 1: "NOT MY CHILD!"
Child 2: "She only uses it occasionally."
Child 3: "Where is that damn thing?"
Child 4: 12am...we have lost the binky...I am on the way to the store to get the ONLY thing that will keep her quiet!

8. Keeping the binky clean:
Child 1: Sterilize every time it drops.
Child 2: Rinse off every time it drops.
Child 3: Wipe (maybe) when it drops.
Child 4: Who cares? Its only pet hair!

9. Loving the child:
Child 1: Unconditionally
Child 2: Unconditionally
Child 3: Unconditionally
Child 4: Unconditionally

(Well, hey, come on, some things never change!) :)

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