Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whoever says the Wii is a family-friendly game is on crack...

Ever since we have gotten this game system, I have broken up more fights, separated the kids more times, found myself thinking about hiding the games, and generally thought to myself that life was easier without it.

Now don't get me wrong - it was a great gift and the kids love it (when they arent fighting over what game to play, who is cheating, who is crying because they lost, who is kicking who because they are mad they lost, etc).

Add to the stress that yes, I admit, I dont know how to play more than 1./2 the games. I mean, come on, I have other things to do than play the Wii. But when Connor asks me questions about a game, I get annoyed because I have NO IDEA how to play it.


As I type this, Connor is sitting in time out for kicking his sister because he lost the game they were playing. Keely is annoyed that I just told her NOT to tell her sister that she hates her, and I need a drink...(its 7:30am).

Its gonna be a long day, I think.

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