Sunday, January 3, 2010

My lazy Sunday agenda

Alas, we have come to the end of our Christmas vacation. Strangely, I am not looking forward to tomorrow when the kids go back to school. Don't get me wrong - its fine that they are returning to school, it's just that I can honestly say that we have had a great time with the kids this Christmas. They are not yet driving me insane, and all in all, it's been a joy having them home. :)

The vacation ended with a leisurely three-day weekend. A weekend during which we had no commitments, really. I went to lunch with a dear friend for my birthday, but thats about it. No other place to be but home. And when is -3 degrees, there aren't many other places I would like to be.

So today marked the last day I had to do "nothing." Now if you know me, you know that when I say I'm going to do "nothing," it doesn't always mean "nothing." I have been accused of not being able to sit still...and after thinking about my day, I may have to agree.

Today, on this lazy Sunday before school begins, I completed the following important and necessary tasks:
1. Completed four loads of laundry - and when I say "completed," I mean I really COMPLETED them - meaning they were cleaned, dried, folded AND put away. Now this is a task of which I am quite proud. Many times when I "complete" laundry, it sits in the dryer for days on end. Not today. Nope. I am proud to say I truly COMPLETED these loads.
2. Went through all of Libby's clothes and took out all 0-3 month clothing so Chris would not dress her in clothes that fit her better when she was one week old than when she is almost four months old. This was another large task that I have avoided for quite some time. That is, until I saw what Chris dressed her in once. Um, pants that fit like shorts in 10-degree weather, coupled with no onesie and a shirt that is too small with NOT do for me. ;) Task completed.
3. Took down all Christmas decorations. This is always a bittersweet task for me. Depressing because all of the lights and holiday decor that made our Christmas extra special are gone, but rewarding to know that I have my home back. Clutter-free and clean as can be. Which brings me to #4.
4. Full house cleaning. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Enough said.
5. Went through the mounds of donated clothes from friends for Libby and found more for her age. A true treat - donated clothes. It's like a never-ending happy surprise in our basement when I manage to get six new outfits for Libby without spending a dime.
6. Changed the sheets on the beds - and cleaned the dirty ones. NICE - and long overdue. :)
7. Made sure backpacks were ready for the school week. Snacks packed away - check. All work from last semester cleared out - check! All ready to go!

So, as I sit here, waiting for a delish stew that is still cooking while enjoying a glass of wine, I am content. Content to know that we are ready to start the school week/work week with all necessary tasks completed.
And I am ready to embark on the craziness of school work and brownies, basketball practice and games, girl scouts and carpools, play dates and tests, piano lessons and other engagements that will begin bright and early tomorrow morning at 7am.

Happy new year everyone. :) I hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine were.

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