Monday, January 18, 2010

Just your average day at the doctor

Today, Libby had her 4-month appointment. Complete with three shots. I thought it would be a good idea to take all of the kids to the doctor, even though Chris had the day off.

I have lost my mind and do not know where to find it.

What to do? BRIBE. Im not above it. No biggie.
"Kids, if you are good, Ill take you to McDonalds and let you get a cone."

"A chocolate one?" Keely
"A big one?" Connor
"Can I get a milkshake instead?" Abby.

Sure. Whatever. Just please be good.

I have lost my mind and do not know where to find it.

We enter the office. Oh yeah, both girls are in their heelys so they can "heel" up and down the hall. Thrilling.

Connor screams in delight and proceeds to the play area, which, thank GOD, has a door so when he pitches a fit, the ENTIRE office doesnt have to hear it.

"Girls, please stop heeling around people coming down the hall."
"No you cannot heel on the OTHER side of the office (where the other doctors work)."

"Please stop playing with the door to the play area. Please keep it closed."
"Connor, please do not throw things at the window, drive the mini car in the waiting room or scream."
"Yes, you all can come into the room with me and Libby."
"She is naked because they have to weigh her. No you cant come to the scale - stay here."
"Please stop fighting about who sits on the table. LIBBY sits on the table, not you."
"Connor stop hitting Keely."

"Keely stop hitting Abby."
"Abby stop rolling around the office on the doctor's chair."

I have lost my mind and do not know where to find it.

"Yes, she has to have shots."
"No, there are no earplugs for you when she starts to cry."
"Yes, she will cry."
"No you cannot leave the room right now."
"Stop asking me so many questions, p-l-e-a-s-e!"

I have lost my mind and do not know where to find it.

The next time I think about taking all of the kids to the doctor on a day that Chris is home, shoot me. I did it to give him a break. I stayed late at work and he had them all morning, so I thought it would be the nice, wifely thing to do.

I have lost my mind and do not know where to find it.
Good night.
Oh yeah, first the stats:
14 lbs 13 oz
Almost 26 inches long
Very strong, almost rolling over, all is well.
A great appointment for HER.

FYI - despite the behavior, I was a sucker and they still got McDonalds. ;)

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Anonymous said...

you crack me UP!

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