Friday, January 1, 2010

I think I'd go insane without a computer...literally...

Happy new year, all! I am typing this sentiment on my husband's laptop that he so kindly let me borrow this lovely, cold winter morning, so I could catch up on all that is happening in the online world.

You see, my computer has hit the dust. Literally. Dust all over that sucker, and in addition, it won't turn on. It's like it teases me...starts up fine, and then, WHAM!, it stops working. Nothing will come up. No work programs, no email, no FACEBOOK, no BLOG!
Oh, the horror!!! :(
So I have taken my computer to the doctor to be serviced and in the meantime, I told Chris that if he wants to keep his wife sane, he will let me use his computer.
Smart man.
In the interest of time, and because I'm typing this one-handed as I hold Libby (and left-handed at that), I thought I would jot down some memories from this holiday season before they are lost and gone forever (you know, that darn memory loss began when I had Abby, I swear it...)

Here goes:
1. 8.5 inches of snow in one night and the possibility that I may not be able to spend Christmas Day with my family even though they were only 3 miles away.
2. (Of course) watching the kids open the gifts and being able to witness their joy and happiness (which was shortly followed by statements such as, "Well, I didn't get {fill in the blank} this year, but maybe next year," and "This is the second best Christmas ever. Last year we got more toys." SIGH.
3. Being snowed in because of #1 and spending the entire time playing games with the kids and Chris.
4. Creating a gingerbread house, yelling at the gingerbread house, yelling at the kids, attempting to finish making the gingerbread house.
5. My sweet introduction to PUPPY CHOW. I'd never had it before. Now its all I can think about. Sad, but true. NO MORE PUPPY CHOW UNTIL HOLIDAYS 2010! Mark my words.
6. Christmas dinner in our brand new kitchen. I loved it. Family made it spectacular!

I'm sure there are many more memories that I'd like to remember, but sorry folks, thats all I got right now. I'm off to do some post-holiday shopping with my two favorite shopping buddies - Abby and Keely. :) It's time to hit the sales. Who cares that it's 9 degrees outside? We can do it!

Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for reading about our family. We are truly blessed, we are.
I'll try posting photos soon as I get my computer back!!! :)

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