Monday, January 25, 2010

Good God, I swear he's a good kid, but then he turns into a devil...

My latest outing with Connor (at a Weight Watchers meeting, no less).
I decided to take the plunge and go back to WW - heck, it helped with every kid, so it has to help me again, right? Right! Just go with me on that one.

Ive wanted to get to a freakin WW meeting since little Libby was born. But I didnt want to go to a meeting with the kids. But lets be honest, when the heck am I WITHOUT the kids?
Morning. Noon. Night. I am a mom. Wouldnt change it for the world. But a 30-minute break would be nice so I could attend a meeting.

Anyway, woe is me.

So I finally make it today. Three kids in tow - Kee, Connor and Libby. Keep in mind that I KNOW I wont be able to actually STAY for the meeting. I know better than that. No, I was gonna run in, sign up, weigh in (sigh) and leave. I know how much I can take...

I could describe to you how the meeting went. But suffice it to say that I essentially had a repeat of my doctor office experience. So what? Humor me. Here goes...

"Connor, are you going to be good at the meeting?"

"Ok - it will only be about 10 minutes, ok?"

"Connor, stop running around...get out of Libby's NOT stand on the chairs...stop pulling the items off the shelves...No, no bathroom right now...stop stepping on the scale...what is a scale?...I'll tell you, not now...stop slamming the closet shut...don't go back there...Im sorry (said to poor WW leader who was trying her best to have a conversation with me)...stop running...we are leaving soon...sit in this chair and don't get, you cant get up yet...we're almost done..."
I think I burned 500 calories just talking to the kid.
Then we get in the car.
"Mom, are you mad for me?" (Yes, he says 'for,' not 'at').

"Was I being bad?"

"I was bad at your meeeeeeeeting?"


"Do you still love me?"
"Of course. Of course I do."
(But Ill be damned if I take him to another meeting!)

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