Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear Mommy,

Although I am not quite four months old yet, I have a few requests to make.
1. Please tell my older brother that although I love him, and I know he loves me, that I do NOT appreciate it when he places his face within a 1/2 inch from mine. I can neither properly see him nor decipher what he is trying to tell me when he is so close. And you know what? He is VERY loud and he scares me when he's too close.
2. Please tell Keely that I do not like it when she tries to tip me over to make me laugh. Half the time, I have just eaten, and to be frank, if she doesnt watch it, Im gonna spit up all over her. I know Im little, but I have powers that she is not aware of. She better watch out. What she thinks is a smile is actually me trying to prevent formula from coming out of my nose and mouth at the same time.
3. Please let Abby know that the song she has made up and decided to sing to me - over and over and over and over - is bad. Again, I understand that I dont have a whole lotta musical history that I can refer to, but I know a bad song when I hear it. And this song, Im sorry to say, is sad.
4. Mommy, I have a request of you too. Please make sure that when you bathe me that you do not cut my head open again with your nails. Yes, I acted as if it didnt hurt me, but it did. I just wanted to show off by not crying. I sure hope it doesnt scar. Im a very beautiful baby, and I cant afford for a scar to get in the way of my modeling career.
5. Lastly, please tell daddy to clip my nails with better lighting - preferably when I am eating so I am relaxed. His clipping of my thumb hurt  - A LOT - and I dont like the ugly purple blood blister-looking bubble that has since developed. I have to admit, I expected more from him - I mean, come on, he's had four kids. Doesnt he know how best to clip nails? Dont let him near me, please. At least until he can prove he has learned a lesson.

I think thats it, Mommy. Sorry Ive been overly fussy today. You know how it is. I think I have cabin fever and Im tired of bundling up EVERY time I leave the house. I sometimes feel like Im suffocating, Ive been bundled up so much.

Other than that, Im very happy. I love everyone in my family and you all make me smile. Thank you for being the best family ever.


1 comment:

maura said...

HA HA!! i was totally laughing when i read this! HILARIOUS! not sure which part i like best, but dang! Libby is FUNNY! ;) great post! xo

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