Friday, December 11, 2009

Has anyone seen my memory? If so, please return it to me...

True story: This morning, a co-worker had to remind me how long I was in the hospital for Libby. FOR LIBBY - not Connor, or Abby, or Keely - but LIBBY - the little one, the 10-week old, for God sakes.

Um, yeah, I remember that - apparently, about as much as I remember my kindergarten teacher's wait...Mrs. Lightbody...I remember that. What the??

Owell. Maybe its something that goes away once the kids know, kindof like lazy Saturday mornings; long, leisurely dinners with your spouse (in places other than McDonalds, Chuck E Cheeses or practically ANYWHERE with a play area); bikini bodies (oh hell, I never wore a bikini, who am I kidding?); and perky you-know-whats (and if you dont, you dont need to).

All in the name of parenthood.
But seriously, I was in labor 2.5 months ago and I couldnt remember HOW LONG I was there? Really? Is my brain REALLY that fried?

I mean, it can't be. I can multi-task with the best of them...laundry - check, dishwasher empty - check, kids dressed - check, kids bathed - check (not in that order), house clean - check, lunch money sent - check, permission slip signed - check, watching a 3-year old, 7-year old and 9-year old show me something and SPEAK at the same time - check!

That takes real talent, people. REAL, RAW, TRUE talent. Good God, cut me some slack. Does it matter that my youngest child's birth memory is already wasting away? Does it matter that she is still in size 1 diapers and I can't articulate what her birth story was REALLY like? :) I sure hope not.

Those who know me arent surprised. I think my memory has been deteriorating slowly for almost 10 years. Ill blame it on Abby. Yeah, that sounds good. Child's been trouble from the get-go! ;)

So dont ask me to tell you what happened on such-and-such a day, k? BUT - if you need me to do the laundry, empty the dishwasher, get your kids dressed & bathed, clean your house, send lunch money to school, sign the permission slip, and manage to have conversations with multiple kids while feeding and changing a screaming baby - then I AM YOUR GIRL!

Damn, I am talented. No matter how long I was in labor. :)
Check ya later!

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