Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hi all - I've got to get back on this blogging thing...good grief, its not like NOT having stories to tell has ever stopped me from posting...hell, half of what I write isnt a REAL story..just Ill give it a go again...

Im back at work now...have been for a few weeks actually. But now, I think Im actually MENTALLY back at work. Yeah, for awhile, not so much. I mean, physically, I was there. Three weeks after having a baby I was back teaching...heck, two weeks after having a baby I was taking classes, so yes, physically, I was there.

Not so much mentally. This baby-making thing is d-r-a-i-n-i-n-g...let me tell you! I dont think I realized how much so (you know, because she's my first and all...RIGHT!) and mistakenly thought, hell yeah, get me back in that swing, throw it at me, I can take it...BRING. IT. ON.

Well, not so well. When most of your co-workers (who are also your friends and care about you) are concerned about your mental well-being, it may be time to take stock in yourself.

Who has time to think of themselves? Lord knows that EVERY mom I know doesnt take nearly enough time for herself. Hands down. But regardless, it was time.

It didnt take much. Just a little soul searching...and a supportive husband who let me repeat my thoughts again and again and again...that helped too.

So Im back in the game. In fact, ready for a GRUELING two-day training for a new exercise program this weekend. 8-5 Saturday AND Sunday...did you see that AND? Yes, both days. Two days without worrying about the kids, who gets who to the game, when they ate, what they are wearing, who's hitting who, who needs to do homework...none of that. Nope. Thats all Chris' territory this weekend. But I think Im deserving of this time. I mean come on, Chris coached high school basketball for 12 years...I NEVER saw him from November till March, so I think I can take two days away from home.

It will exhaust me. And rejuvenate me. Yes, Im getting excited. The babes will be fine. Chris will be fine. I am READY.


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