Saturday, November 21, 2009

The not-so-rosy part of being a mom...

I know everything doesn't come up roses...or smell like roses...or however that saying goes, but i think that perhaps this morning, that became ABUNDANTLY clear to me.

WARNING - For those offended by discussions about body odor, personal hygiene, or the like, please stop reading right now. Its about to get ugly!

OK, so how many of us know the importance of personal hygiene? Raise your hands, everyone. When, do you suppose, we learned the importance of personal hygiene? Well, Lord knows that Chris and I have TRIED to instill in the kids - the girls, especially. Connor is a bit young to bear that responsibility alone - the importance of caring for yourself: body, hair, teeth.

OK so here it is - I cannot BELIEVE that the girls cannot smell how bad they smell. I mean, really. REALLLLLLYYYY????? It's insane. Drives me crazy.

Kee, you need a shower.
No I dont.
YES, YES you do.
But I play basketball today.
So you will take TWO showers today!
MOMMMMMMM!!!! (stomps out of the room, groans in the shower, bad mouthing me the entire time, Im sure).

Abby, did you brush your teeth?

You need to do it today.
But I havent really eaten anything bad.

And lets not forget to mention the underwear saga - you know, when you have an ENTIRE 13 loads of laundry to do (and you know there are days when you do) and despite THAT much laundry, there are only one or two pairs of underwear in the wash. Which means, for those who don't know, that even though my kids are changing their CLOTHES, they arent changing their UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!!! CAN WE SAY GROSS???

(Im talking about the girls again. Connor likes to change his underwear every time he goes to the bathroom. THAT is another entry altogether).

SO this was my moment to vent. Come on, girls, cant you SMELL yourselves? Take care of yourselves or you arent gonna HAVE any friends who want to stand by you!!!

OK, Im off the soapbox. Time for me to take a shower. Yes, I know I teach in an hour, but I LIKE being clean!!!  Maybe the kids will learn a lesson from my habits...yeah, right!

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