Sunday, October 11, 2009

Such a typical female thought...

So Libby is three weeks old. And yes, I know I shouldn't expect to wear my size 8 pants yet, but I do. I mean, come on, three weeks...I think that's enough time. Granted, I haven't come back to teaching yet - that begins next week - but I have been working out and don't I deserve a quick "recovery" time? After all, shouldn't four kids count for something?

So I'm at the gym last week and people are very nice - "Libby is look great..." you know. I appreciate all the kind words.

I especially liked it when Abby said to me this morning, "Oh, now I remember what you look like skinny!" WOW - Thanks Abby! :)

Anyway - last week the comment that sticks with me is this one: "You don't even look like you had a baby!" Now, on the surface, this is most definitely a compliment, and I realize the person who said it to me meant it as such.

But seeing as I'm a woman, here is my thought process..."What? Does she think I looked like this before the baby??"

Yes, that's what I thought. Like, wow, she must think I looked this way before Libby was born, and that must mean I have  A LOT OF work to do to get back to the way I want to look.

{SIGH} So sad. Can't I just take it as a compliment?

Nope. But I will take Abby's comment as such. After all, she IS nine years old and KNOWS EVERYTHING!  :)

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