Thursday, October 8, 2009

The power of a baby...

Despite my inner voice telling me I should go to the gym this morning...and this voice was practically YELLING at me to get myself up there, I decided to stay home with Libby after I took all the other kids to school.

I had no plans, unless you consider lying down on the couch with a sweet baby in my arms "plans" because that was my only intention this morning.

The time I will have to do this with Libby is limited - with three kids and the gym calling me back, in addition to "LIFE" - groceries, dishwashers, laundry, bills, etc - it is next to impossible to carve out time simply for me and her.

But oh so important.

I dropped the kids off and came home...started a load of laundry, checked email, straightened the house and then heard her sweet cry - as if to say, "Hello, MOM, weren't you going to spend the morning with me?"

Computer was turned off. Laundry still sits in the dryer. Dishes could wait.

I picked up this sweet little girl who is going to grow up way too fast, I held her, hugged her, snuggled her close, fed her and then simply watched her sleep.

A beautiful morning. One I wish I could capture and hold onto forever. Even when the laundry, the gym, the dishes, the volleyball games, the other obligations, call me so loudly.

The power of a baby. I was in heaven.


maura said...

so sweet :) i'm glad you did that - for you AND for her. she's such a cute little button :)

maura said...

p.s. i caught this tweet form Heather Armstrong ( today:

Happiness: Your kids in bed with you.
Hell: Both of them awake at the same time.

if you haven't read her blog, you should check it out.

Anonymous said...

So true...

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