Monday, October 5, 2009

Nursing in public...

Ok, so those who know me know I'm a pretty modest person anyway. Couple that with the thought of nursing Libby in public, and all of a sudden, my pretty laid back self enters somewhat of a panic mode. Will I offend anyone? Will people ask me to stop? Will she latch on? Will someone (GASP) catch a glimpse of flesh that they SOOO shouldn't see?

These are the thoughts that run through my mind. This whole nursing thing is still somewhat new. Yes, Ive had four kids, but I only nursed my first and with her, it was the dead of winter when she was born so most of her first months were spent within the confines of our home...not so with this one!

So I went out to eat with a friend today - she has a little boy one week older than Libby. And because Libby eats like she is famished throughout the day (every 2 hours is pushing it at times...the kid loves to eat during the day)I knew she was going to play a nasty trick on me.

I knew she was going to cry out of hunger and want me to nurse her, in public, at a restaurant, and OH MY GOD what was I going to do?

Well, my friend was great. Reassuring - yes, youre covered, no, people cant see anything, no dont worry about it. And surprisingly, it worked out well. I even ate lunch while Libby enjoyed hers!

SO POINT FOR TRACEY!!! This was a big deal to me. I only got one look - and it was from an older gentleman who probably thinks I belonged at home barefoot or mopping the floor or something. God FORBID Im out in public - with a newborn - and FEEDING her!! ;)

But I cut him some slack...after all, he probably only knows life to be that way.
For me, it was a big watch out public. Who knows? I may get all to comfortable with this whole thing and everyone will be wishing I hadnt!

Ok maybe not, but it still felt good to do it! Libby was happy and I was able to enjoy my lunch! :)

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