Saturday, October 3, 2009

The mark of a good day...

So this morning (which began at 5:45am when Connor decided he wanted to get up????) I took a moment to talk to Chris to tell him everything I had to get done this morning in between feedings. This whole getting everything completed in 2 hours stuff is tough, let me tell you. But I was going to give it a go:
1. Stop by the gym
2. Deposit paychecks into bank
3. Grocery shop
4. Return items to post office
5. Find Keely some uniform clothes that actually fit

I had exactly 1.75 hours in which to get this completed. I told Chris that if Libby woke and I wasnt home and she was MADDD and wanted to eat, go ahead and give her a bottle...he seemed a bit leery, a bit unsure, but he agreed.

Moms of newborns learn - REAL QUICK - how to "power it up." Power shopping, power eating, power cleaning, power pottying (yes, I said pottying) name it, we've got it down pat...

So Im happy to report that I completed all tasks at hand, and got home right after Chris attempted to give Libby a bottle. She had a little bit, but is much more interested in being fed by me. So I fed her.

All in all a successful Saturday morning. :) And I have to admit, coming home to a beautiful baby girl who wants to cuddle with me and eat isn't so bad either. In fact, I'm loving it...


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