Thursday, October 1, 2009

Imagine, if you will, an enjoyable day with a newborn, 3 year old, 7 year old and 9 year old. Imagine life being pretty darn good - so good, in fact, that you wonder how you were so blessed to have such joy in your life.

Imagine, then, if you will, it all coming to a SCREECHING halt at the same time every day - no matter what. That time of day, in case there was a doubt, is dinner time.

That, my friends, is when hell breaks loose and the calm, serenity and bliss of the day are squashed like a nasty ass bug that you have been trying to kill for all eternity.

Ok, Im being a bit melodramatic, but, to better illustrate my point, let me paint the picture in my home once dinner is served.

1. Baby not happy (this is an understatement, but Im trying not to bring you down)...well, you know, she is hungry...again...and again...and again...who knew the boob could pacify like it can? Good God, its AMAZING the power of the boob...sorry all you family members who are getting yet another visual...

2. 3 year old not interested in eating anything but PR&J. Seriously. Nothing but PB&J. Really? Now, my sister apparently did the same thing for awhile in her youth and she is a normal woman today, so perhaps I shouldnt complain too much. Could be worse, but how? How does one convince a very stubborn 3 year old that dinner IS good and even though he's never TRIED it, doesnt mean he won't LIKE it?? Hmmmm...

3. 7 year old bored. Wants to play a game with me - now. Needs attention. Im sure she feels left out - after all, Im feeding the baby - AGAIN - and cant play a game because when I nurse, I need like 17 hands to hold the baby, hold the boob, etc.

4. 9 year old needs help with homework. From me. Of course. Mom has to quiz me. Great. Let me get that 18th hand out from my secret hiding spot and Ill help you too.

That's essentially it. Everyone needs mom. At the same time. Every evening. Baby still crying. 3 year old tries to entertain screaming baby while sitting RIGHT next to me. 7 year old tries to tell me a story (that I truly don't care to hear) while sitting RIGHT next to me. Baby still crying. 9 year old needs me to quiz her on her homework while sitting RIGHT next to me and while she is sneaking peeks at the television, apparently not at all interested in her homework. Did I mention baby still crying?

Thank GOD other people are still making dinner for us. I think I'd go insane if I had to cook.

Ah yes, life with a newborn. Now don't go worrying about me. I love her. Love our life. Love the joy she has already brought and can't imagine how she will fill our lives with more joy every day.

I simply hate dinner time and the few hours that follow when I feel like I'm not giving any of my kids the attention they need and deserve. :(

All in time. I know. God help me. me, will ya? Care to babysit for a few hours in the evening hours? :) I pay well - too well, according to my husband! :)

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Claudine said...

Oh, Tracey. I SOOOO feel for you! I call suppertime in the Boldridge household "the witching hour." Nothing good happens between 5:00 pm (the moment I get home from a hard day's work) and the moment I finally GET supper on the table. Then, to make matters worse, supper lasts about 10 minutes and then it's as if everyone has FORGOTTEN that dishes need loaded/washed, leftovers need refrigerated,and the floor needs swept! Then rush off to baths and homework.... It's no wonder I'm evil by 9:00 pm!

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