Wednesday, September 2, 2009

There is a reason for everything...

Over the last few days, I have come to realize that there truly is a reason for everything. Case in point. 9 months of pregnancy. I am now counting down the days - the long days, the longer nights - and it is close. So close I can just about reach out and touch it. But not so much.
There is a reason pregnancy lasts 9 months. There is a reason that in the 8th month, you change from a seemingly level-headed, poised and efficient human being into someone who verges on the insane - floating somewhere between extreme fatigue and utter annoyance at the thought that there are still 12 days until this baby is "officially" due to enter this world.
This is a reason that nights of insomnia are followed by days filled with nothing but desires for naps. There is a reason for the short tempered responses to almost every question or statement that is said.
Here is the reason: By this point in time, women who are pregnant (yes, I believe even those women who LOOOOVVVEEE being pregnant) are so ready to give birth that they simply DO NOT CARE how long it takes, how much it hurts, how tired they are, how big the baby is - they simply want the baby to BE BORN - or to put it another way - TO GET OUT!
Yes, that means talk of elective inductions and how to start labor at home becomes so prevalent. That's why so many darn websites are devoted to topics such as those and that's why people like ME search these sites at the UNGODLY hour of 2am!
It's good to keep it all in perspective. Yes, I know all this will come to an end. Yes, I know that 12 days is not a long time. Yes, I know that Libby is much easier to care for INSIDE my womb than out.
But that doesn't mean that those who are closest to me aren't gonna get an earful when they ask me, so innocently, "How are you feeling?"
"Really? Do you really want to know?"
No, I don't think you do. :)


the carlson's said...

I'll be hoping with you for your sake, Chris, and your kids that Libby comes in the next week or two. Cheer up! You are almost done! And, it WILL be the last time!!

Tracey English said...

Hey Sarah - Yeah, can we say MELODRAMATIC?? Some days are better than others when you get this close, you know? Im in a much better place now...which, you are right, is good for the kids and Chris!

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