Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ok, the bathroom thing in the middle of the night is getting REALLY old

I am not opening the gym anymore. Good God. I did it for 5 years and it was so great for our family. I'm an early morning girl and doing the 5-7am shift enabled me to get 10 hours of work out of the way when my kids were sleeping. It was a good thing - for me, my kids, the fam.
So I'm not knocking it. In fact, it was great - until the kids got older, went to bed later, and oh yeah, and I got pregnant - AGAIN.
So my typical day started at 4:08am. Not 4:05am, not 4:10am, but 4:08am. Don't ask me why. Who the heck knows? Not I.
Not anymore. I have the luxury of sleeping until 6:30am now - when the kiddos get up and it's time to start the day. You know, when THE SUN IS RISING!
Only, there is a slight problem with this whole thing - actually, two problems.
1. I pee every hour, on the hour, with this baby. Why at night? I don't do so in the daylight hours. In fact, sometimes I can go 3, maybe 4 hours between potty breaks. Yes. I said potty breaks. I'm a mom of three and 3/4ths - deal with it.
So what gives? Is it the horizontal position I'm in? Doesn't God know that my absolute favorite position at this point in my life is horizontal with a big ASS body pillow between my knees? Can't he let me rest in the dead of night?
2. Despite no alarm clock and NOT having to put on my bright and shiny smile for the insane women who work out at 4:50am (and yes, there are many...I will be joining them again once I begin teaching again after Libby arrives), I continue to wake at 5am!!!!
It's like 5 years of working the 5am shift have PLAGUED me to wake at 5am!!!
Such is life. Pretty soon, I suppose, I'll be getting out of bed quite frequently during the night, and I'm sure, pretty damn soon, 5am wakeup time will once again feel like SLEEPING in!!
Bring it on, Libby~BRING IT ON!!!

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