Sunday, September 20, 2009

Libby's birth story - the condensed version

Ok all, here goes. I will make it as short and sweet as possible...
Chris and I were supposed to go into the hospital on Wed night to get ready to be induced on Thursday. By "get ready" I mean they were going to use a gel called Cervadil to get my body ready. Cervadil has to be left alone to work its magic for 12 hours.

We were bumped until Thursday morning because of short staffing and (apparently) a baby boom that was occuring that night. So no biggie. I was told that when we got to the hospital on Thursday, they would just begin Pitocin - the drug that would get my contractions regular and bring on baby.

We got there and the doctor decided I still needed Cervadil - so I would be in the hospital with it for the whole day and then could start Pitocin either Wed night or Thurs morning. I asked why I couldnt just go home and come back Thurs night to begin the process, but they were a bit concerned about why Libby's heartrate was so high and wanted to keep me so they could also keep an eye on her...

Wed came and went. Then I decided to start Pitocin at 10pm Wed night - I could have waited until Thurs morning, but I knew I wouldnt be sleeping well anyway, so I may as well get this labor thing going.

10pm - 6am - active labor, no drugs. Lots of sitting on the birthing ball, lots of walking around the room, lots of pain, but I felt ok, so I held off on epidural.

6:15am - Done with the pain. Get me the drugs!!! Epidural placed in back {CAN I SAY- OUCH???? I cried like a baby when this was being done to me. It seemed to take forever, but then...relief.}

After being up all the previous day and night, a two hour nap followed suit. Libby was doing well, but now her heartrate was too low - doctors still concerned. Wondered if cord around her neck was causing drastic fluctuations...

Oh yeah - stats:
6am - 3-4 cm dilated (water was broken by doctor, then things sped up)
8am - 6-7 dilated
9am - 9-10 dilated

Needed to push. Chris said I pushed for 20 minutes. I think hes full of it - it felt more like 20 hours...but he was right.

She was born at 1019am - 8 lbs 14 oz and 20.5 inches long. WHEW. :)

Once delivered, doctor realized reason for heartrate fluctuations - there was a DOUBLE knot in Libby's cord. Doctor said she had never seen that - and that we were lucky she was alive, as that is a major reason for miscarriage in the second trimester.

Our miracle baby girl - (who, by the way, never slept last nice of her. Its like today began with the three older kids at 6am, just as she was falling!) :)

Here she is:


maura said...

it was great to meet Libby the other night and see you and Chris, as well. she's adorable -- and considering the double-knot, i'd say she's pretty determined, too! enjoy this time with her, we all know it goes too quickly! sending love to you all. xoxo, m

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, English family! She's a beautiful addition.
~Amy Bellerive

Shelley said...

She is perfect!

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