Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a few reflections from the last week...
1. Libby is an excellent night sleeper. She knows her mom well - give me sleep and I'm a much happier mommy! She goes right to sleep in her crib and therefore, doesn't make me sleep with her in the TV room in the middle of the night.
2. Life revolves around feeding times. Enough said. This morning, I fed her and then took her and Connor to the gym for a bit. She lasted well, and even let me fit a speed shopping at the grocery store in, but then, it was time to get home, you know, to feed her again.
3. The house is a pit. But Im trying not to care.
4. I've been blessed with wonderful friends who have been nice enough to bring us dinner. What a difference it makes when we don't have to worry about feeding ourselves or our other kids. I wonder if I can hire them out for the long term??
5. I find Im getting into my groove well. Chris goes back to work on Wednesday and I think its safe to say that Im emotionally stable enough to NOT have a breakdown! :)
6. Chris is the most amazing husband around. He has been FABULOUS!!
7. Im once again beginning to master the "one-handed" tasks - everything has become a one handed task when she wants to be held. It's amazing what you can do with one hand:
type on the computer
put groceries away
go to the bathroom (this one can be a bit tricky, but I think Ive got it down)
make a bed
empty the dishwasher

Im sure there are more, but those are the ones I can think of. Here is Libby as Im trying to type this entry:

And here are a few others:

All in all, life is good. Busy (very busy) but good. Libby has already been to Oktoberfest at St. Johns, out to eat with me and mama, shopping, to Abby's volleyball game and to our friends' house for a dinner get-together! Quite the social butterfly!

We're so glad to have her here! :)


Leeser said...

Ha! That first picture reminds me of the first few weeks...where my boob was bigger than her head. Fun times! Glad it's all coming back, and that she is such a good baby!!

the carlson's said...

how sweet. I can't wait to meet her at Arkalalah!

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