Thursday, September 10, 2009

Caddi, or Cati, the caterpillar

Connor's class has been watching Caddi, or Cati, the caterpillar this year, as he has formed his "Kwysawis" (chrysallis - I think that's how it is spelled) to prepare to become a butterfly. Every day, we ask Connor if the class has let Caddi go, and until today, his answer has been "no."
Today, they let Caddi go. He had turned into an orange and black butterfly and was ready to go. When I asked him if he was sad to see him go, he told me he wasn't.
When I asked why they let him go, he answered in a very sweet, three-year-old innocent voice, "So he could find food and fwends" (friends).
Too cute. Don't we all need food and fwends? :)

1 comment:

Katie said...

Hailey and Connor now have lots to talk about since she was in the Catepillars class last year and knows all the phases of being one! Can't wait to have that Libby make her appearance....Aunt Katie is ready for a new niece!

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