Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby comas

Two things bring on this type of baby coma:
1. Feeding
2. Crying off and on for more than 2 hours

Unfortunately, this comatose state was brought to you by the latter.
Keely said to me last night:
"Looks like we will have to tell Libby that she wasn't an easy baby after all."

Um - we have had her for a little over a week, Kee, and last night was her first bad night.
"Oh." That's all she said.

Love the look of a comatose baby, though...don't you?


Katie said...

LOVE the comment by Kee. Totally something that would be said in this house!

maura said...

haha! i agree w/ Katie - i love it! as for Libby... adorable :)

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