Tuesday, August 4, 2009

you know the end of summer is near when...

You know you are READY for summer to be over when...
your kids are running around the house screaming at each other.
your 7 year old is crying and yelling at her sister.
your 9 year old is grounded and driving everyone else insane.
your 3 year old keeps chasing his sisters and hitting them with a back scratcher.
all you want to do is make them keep quiet with the one thing you swore you would never use as a babysitter - the television.
you are going insane listening to them as they tear apart your room.
they refuse to play well together, but do not want to play alone.
the entire house has become a playroom.
taking them to the pool seems to take too much effort.
you crave 8:30pm so they simply be Q-U-I-E-T.
you don't even flinch when they tattle on each other.
you don't get up when one starts to cry.
you use your kids' blog to vent instead of getting your work done.
you second guess your decision to make the entire kitchen and hall hardwood because - wow -they are loud!
you know that you SHOULD step in and yell at them to get them out of your face, but you simply dont care.
you want to drink - a lot - and you cant because you are almost 9 months pregnant.
you envy all those moms who work out of the home.
you try to think of anyway you can run away without them knowing.
the sounds of "ow" and "leave me alone" yield no response from you.
you know that if you say anything, you may regret it.
you wonder why you didnt enroll them in an all-day, all-summer summer program.
you keep blogging instead of working. (hell, i have to think when i work, and i cant think in this ruckus!!)
you want to drink - a lot -did i already mention that one?
you are not merely counting down the days till school, but the hours, the minutes and the seconds.
really? am i really adding a baby to this mix? really? tell me it isn't true...

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