Monday, August 24, 2009

Uh, oh, things are dying left and right

Ok, so I admit it. Little things that need attention arent getting it.
Take for instance, Nicole. Our MALE beta (with a nice girly name) seems to be dying a s-l-o-w drawn out death.

No, she isn't upside down, but she may as well be. I mean HE, he may as well be. Not sure what happened with this one...maybe it's the fact that the water is not cleaned out often enough. Maybe I have three kids feeding this poor fish when it only needs food from one. Who knows? All I know is that if this fish dies, I've gotten myself some backup reasons as to why we simply CANNOT get a dog right now...I can hear it now!

"WHYYYYYYYYYY can't we get a dog, mom? WHYYYYYYY?"

"Well, sorry girls, but you killed your fish. If you can't keep a fish alive, how can I expect you to care for a dog?" I love it. I can hear it now.

Oh yes, and the flowers: What a sad sight.

These are vinca, for heaven sakes. They need nothing but some water and they flourish. In fact, they have flourished quite well all summer, I'm proud to say. I have NO green thumb, so I'm pretty pleased with myself for not killing these sooner. But WOW - I glanced at them this evening and what a sad sight THEY are!

So, I have to be the pot or be the kettle, and I have to ask, if I can't keep a fish alive and I can't keep simple plants alive, how am I going to care for a newborn?? :0)

Oh well. She'll have to be a toughie!

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