Friday, August 28, 2009

So, how much do you REALLY love my kids?

Think about this question before you love them a lot, right? Do anything to help them, right?
Good, now that's settled. Time to spring something else on you. SCHOOL FUNDRAISERS!!
Oh how I love them. Love that my three-year old is becoming a solicitor. You know, one of those people who comes to your door and you C-R-I-N-G-E because you simply want them to go away.
We had one come to the house yesterday. A carpet cleaning service.
"No thank you, we already use someone."
"But I want to clean a room for free."
"I understand that, but we are very pleased with the company we have."
"But it's free."
"Yeah? Well I'm about to have a baby and my patience is being tested, so leave my damn house before I kick you in the a**!"
Ok so I didn't say that last one, but I wanted to. But I digress.
So my kids are going to be soliciting everyone they know for money for these GORGEOUS sets of wrapping paper, Christmas gifts, holiday ideas, etc. No one is safe. If you work with me, consider yourself warned. Family? You're a lost cause - you will be solicited over and over again by the all of the kids. Because, you know, if you sell 200 rolls of wrapping paper, you get a video game!!!!!
Truth be told, as if you couldn't tell, I hate fundraisers. Can't I simply cut the school a check and call it good? Nope, because if I do that, the kids don't win a PRIZE. It's all about the prize.
Just consider yourself warned. The requests will be coming. And remember, as you respond, how much you said you LOVED my kids. You'd do anything for them, remember?? ;)

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