Monday, August 10, 2009

Pre-admissions at the hospital...

Chris and I went to the hospital today to complete the pre-admissions process for our upcoming arrival. Been there, done that, but it was still good to get it done.
They completely renovated the labor & delivery unit, yet still no double bed. No, Chris will once again make himself comfortable on the piece of cardboard they call a chair that somehow converts to a wooden board that they call a bed.
While I get to sleep in comfort in a bed with stirrups on it.
{Kidding. The stirrups are gone long before bed time...I think.}
I wish I could say that Chris won't have to take advantage of the wooden board, but if history has anything to do with it, he may be sleeping there for two, five, ten nights. Good God, I hope this delivery is shorter.
So the official countdown is on...thank God, Im tired of my 9-year old staring at me like I'm an alien.
Truthfully - the other day. I was changing {gasp!} and she walked in on me. No big deal, right? I mean, she has seen me grow over the last 8 months, so why was it THIS time that she thought it appropriate to stop, dead in her tracks, mouth gaping open, to utter one word:
"Yes, Abby, that's my belly," I said as I continued to dress.
"No, let me see it again."
{Great, I love being a spectacle for my kid. Why don't I stand here while you call your friends and they can all gawk at the - GASP - big baby belly.}
But yes, I raise my shirt. I mean, hell, I'm pregnant for God sakes, think what you want, but at least this weight will go AWAY at some point. If I ever let myself go to the point where I shouldn't (health-wise, I mean) anyone reading this blog has my permission to SLAP me upside the head and tell me to get my big a** to the gym!
OK, sorry, sidenote.
Anyway...the fun conversation continued...
"Mom, when are you going to get skinny again?" (Slightly redeeming herself with the word 'again.')
"I don't know, Abby. It takes time. I will still look pregnant when I leave the hospital, and I won't be able to exercise for a little while at least."
(FYI - Im scheduled to begin teaching 5 classes three-four weeks after Libby is born. Entirely my doing, I promise. I can pop out babies like no other, and if this delivery goes as well as the others, I'm not gonna waste any time...)
"Well, mom, I sure hope you start exercising soon, because your belly is SOOOO BIG!!!"
I love Abby. Truly I do. But I love Keely more. She is the one who came into the room, shortly thereafter and immediately said, "Oh, mom, you look so nice. I love that dress!"
Really, Keely? Well, I love you more than Abby. You sweet sweet girl.
Oh yes, I'm not above compliments. Keep em comin, Kee. Keep em comin! ;)

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