Thursday, August 13, 2009

I think I peeled my bathing suit off my body today...

Well, I have to pay tribute to my bathing suit. This $19 Walmart purchase was made in May, in Arkansas City, KS, when we were visiting Chris' family and the girls wanted to go to the pool.
I was thrilled when I bought it - but for odd reasons:
1. I was thrilled that the size wasn't too big.
2. I was ecstatic that it wasn't a maternity suit.
3. I COULDN'T WAIT to wear a suit with skirt.
(Ok, that last one is a bunch of BS, but still, it was a pretty cute suit, by those standards).
I think it was the ruching (is that how it's spelled? You know, that stuff that makes the folds in the material or whatever) that made it bearable for the full extent of the summer.
I mean, I'm just shy of having a baby and I'm still wearing it.
Maybe, sadly, for the last time.
(Again, BS, Im ready to be done with the pool...)
The kids start school next week, and today, as I literally p-e-e-l-e-d the suit from my very-pregnant self, I began to really get excited that I may not ever wear it again and that I will NEVER BE PREGNANT AGAIN!! :)
I can't wait to see Libby.
I can't wait to hold her and stare and her and watch her grow.
But let's be honest - I REALLY can't wait to be able to touch my toes again.
Tie my shoes.
Shave without getting winded.
Sleep on my stomach.
Work out hard again.
Play tennis with the kids (or any sport, to prove to Connor that yes, mom CAN play sports, just not as well as dad).
Wear NON-maternity clothes.
Relish in the fact that people aren't simply staring at my belly.
My time is coming. But for now, for today, I will smile about the little things, knowing that I won't have to peel this suit off me ever again because to this chick - SUMMERTIME IS OVER! :)

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