Saturday, August 29, 2009

I love Saturday mornings...

Here was my morning:
7:30am: Took a shower, made some coffee, hopped back into bed
8:30am: Gently awoken by Connor, who has been nicely & quietly watching Noggin in TV room (I love Noggin)
8:45am: Wrestle time for dad and Connor. Time to get up, make some breakfast for the fam, enjoy it together, clean up.
9:30am: Back to sleep. HGTV calling my name.
10:30am: Wake up briefly. Place load of laundry in washer, take a few things upstairs & put them away, get Connor dressed.
10:40am: Back to sleep. HGTV still calling my name.
11:00am: Chris comes in, humored by the fact that I am yes, again (or still), asleep in bed. I love it!
11:45am: I figure I should get up, so I make the bed so Im not tempted to crawl back in it. Move laundry to dryer and place second load in. Get dressed into one of um - maybe three or four items that still fit - and straighten the house.
Ahhhh. I love my bed on Saturday mornings. I don't like to leave it. I simply LOVE not having any place to be. I think I'll cherish these days for just one, maybe two more weekends. Then all will change.
But HGTV and Saturday morning naps will always call my name. Libby may have to learn to love them too! :)

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