Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cute boy Connor

Love this kid. Tonight he got his first official back pack for school. Spider man. He never showed any interest in Spider man before tonight, but he really wanted it, so we got it. I took the first photo as he was waiting for daddy to come home from softball - he didn't want to go to bed until daddy saw his new back pack. He's so into daddy right now (which, to be honest, is quite ok with me). What? You want daddy to give you a bath? Read you a story? Take you to bed? Play with you? Make you lunch? Wrestle with you?
Ok, ok, twist my arm. You go have your time to do "boy stuff." I'll hang out all alone.

The second photo was taken as we were waiting for the girls to come out of their closet with one of their outfits for their fashion show.

As much as I would LOVE to post the video that highlights the show, I think it's in my best interest NOT to publish it. Apparently, they were mortified to know that their musical debut was made public knowledge yesterday..."So embarrassing, mom, really!"

Oops. I told them it would make people smile...or laugh hysterically, but hey, its still a smile.

Oh yes, and the last video is Connor dancing (again, while waiting for his sisters to come out of their closet in a new outfit). He's got quite the moves, wouldn't you say?? :) Also, please make note of the music selection - Hannah Montana - I wish I could say he didn't choose it, but hey, when you have two older sisters, you are bound to fall prey to listening to artists like Hannah, Taylor, Jonas Brothers and the like...
Poor kid. I think I prefer his rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star over this song...

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