Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Calgon...anyone...take me away! Yes, its a "poor Tracey" posting, so if you don't want to read it, move on

So, at 8.5 months pregnant and feeling HUGE and UNCOMFORTABLE, I have been blessed with the wonderful addition of ALLERGIES.

I started suffering from allergies - what - maybe one or two years ago. Never had them before. Maybe that's because I lived in Texas for so long and the weather is either hot, hotter or hotter than hell. Who knows? But at the age of 33 or 34, they bestowed themselves upon me. This year, they returned 2 weeks before my 4th child. Nice, huh?

Not that I can't handle allergies. I can. But that, on top of being SO pregnant it's annoying, it's about all that I can handle. Today has been one of those days. I feel like you-know-what and let's be honest, I don't much feel like listening to "A sailor went to sea sea sea...." or Keely's first "piano" concert right now. No, sorry, I do not want to play a game, watch you do the splits (again), take you to the park or take part in a fashion show. I don't really care to hear about Max & Ruby, I don't want to play cars and I don't much want to wipe dirty bottoms either. I guess I have to do that last one though. Eww.

"Right now", I want to tell them, "your mother is in a foul mood and wants nothing more than to be left alone (preferably with a doctor willing to drug me up to a. get this baby out and b. to rid me of these allergies)."

I know I know poor me. I'm the only person who is coming to my pity party. And that's ok. Whoever said she likes being pregnant is not only insane, but insanely annoying.
I think I have vented enough for one afternoon. Time to put on my game face and act like FUN MOM!!

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