Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wouldn't you be scared?

This morning, (if you can call 4:30am morning...many would question that anything before 6am qualifies as "morning") Connor called me from upstairs, obviously scared about something.

Well, trying to decipher what my half asleep, groggy and crying toddler was saying was difficult, at best. As anyone with kids knows, half the time, it's hard to understand what they are saying when they are fully coherent!
In any case, I thought I soothed him and placed him back in bed.
Not for long.

"MOMMY!!!!!! There's a #W$#())$()#%saddk@)(#%* and it's in my bed and I can't get back in bed because it @_)(*%ER()@#_)$%*WE_ @#(@#_+!!! and I'm scared."
Long story short...once I was able to understand what Connor was saying, as he was crying, standing at the foot of his bed, it became completely clear why he was scared...
I mean, wouldn't you be scared if there was a crocodile in your bed?
God love him. Crocodiles in bed. What will his little mind think of next?
I did my "mommy magic" and he fell back asleep. Once I got rid of the crocodile, of course. Those things are hard to get rid of! ;)
He slept like a baby afterwards!! :) At least until the next crazy thing popped into his little mind.

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