Thursday, July 16, 2009

sam's club and other random thoughts...

we went to sam's club today. i think i have stepped foot in a sam's club one time before - and that's all.
i don't know that i will ever want to become a member...the store frustrates the hell out of me.
the whole concept is strange - a card to shop at a store? so i went for work - i used a co-worker's sam's club card and my supervisor's credit card - talk about panic attack - i thought people were going to take me down for impersonating not just one person, but two!
but we got beyond the sam's club door nazi without incident...onto shopping for a work party.
the store is too big. and next time, i wont bring the kids:
"mom, look at the trampoline. why can't we have a trampoline?"
"mom, they have jewelry - can i have some?"
"hey mom, look at that treehouse over there. can i climb on it? can we have one?"
the the classic:
"you never buy us ANNYYTTTHIIIINNG!!!"
food was bought - although when asking for vegee burgers, i was looked at as if i had a third eye. apparently, sam's club is a meat-selling establishment - no vegee burgers there.
still, chris was intrigued - hey, cheaper diapers, he said.
i suppose.
but don't count on me driving to kansas city or topeka to buy diapers. if he wants to, more power to him....
off to make dinner - with food we bought at our regular grocery store. :)


maura said...

you ought to try Costco. maybe i could take you there sometime. we like it WAY better...AND they have veggie burgers! (and regular burgers, too!)

the carlson's said...

My sister Mary, LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Sam's Club, but I am with you...I can't figure it out!

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