Sunday, July 12, 2009

The phone call came...and I panicked...

Yup. Chris told me he wouldn't be able to call until late Sunday, when they were off the mountains, yet last night at about 8:15pm, the phone rang and once I saw his cell number on the screen, I panicked.
Not sure why. I know this man knows the ins and out of camping/hiking like I know the ins and outs of - well - anyway, he knows what he's doing. Still the fear of something wrong with him or one of the girls was almost enough to put me in labor.
Ok, not so much, but one can wish.
Apparently, NOTHING was wrong, except for the fact that the mosquitos were the worse he has ever experienced and the kids were being bitten alive. The youngest, 2-year old Bridger, the son of Chris' friends, was miserable, up all night, and truly BITTEN.
So the decision to come off the mountain was an easy one - get the kids outta there, get them back to Greeley where they can have a great night's sleep, play together, and then take the older kids up on a day hike on Saturday. Good idea.
Chris said as he was pulling down the tent, he at one time looked down at his leg and about 10-15 mosquitos were feasting on one leg.
I talked to the girls - Keely was sounding happy and good, having a good time. Said she missed and loved me and then passed me onto her sister. Abby, being Abby, proceeded to tell me ALL ABOUT THE HORRIBLE MOSQUITOS and how she had "like, at least 17 bites on her body and 50 on her back!!!" (We will have to work on mathematics skills after hearing that comment.)
All in all, they both said they were having a great time with dad, which makes me smile. That man loves his kids, and is probably eating this "adventure thing with dad" right now. More power to him.
Now, Connor and I have had a nice weekend too. Granted, he was at my brother and sister in law's house all day yesterday so I could paint, but you know what I'm enjoying? Morning time with him. No other kids around. No place to be. Just doing the breakfast routine and enjoying his geniune sweetness.
I am blessed.
But off I go - I told him we could paint more pictures today! Got to get the kitchen table set up, which means clearing off the 6 loads of laundry that have been done this weekend...
Some things never change.

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