Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The long lost art of reading...

Ok, so during the school year, without fail, the last 30 minutes before the girls go to sleep, they read. No questions asked, it's simply something they do - they know it, we know it. They like it. We like it.
So today, as it was raining outside, we embarked upon the library - what a great place to go when you cant burn your skin in the heat of July by a pool because of weather? :)
I'm thinking it's a good idea. And it was. But as we entered and the focus seemed to be on getting the COMPUTER and not actually READING a book, I began to worry.
What happened to reading? Did the summer months TRULY make my kids' minds mush and therefore they cannot fathom doing something as BORING as reading?
First question (from Abby): Can we get on the computer?
Second question (from Keely): Can a movie count as one of the books we check out?
Third question (from Abby, of course): Why can't we get on the computer?
Ummmm, maybe because thats ALL you ask me to do at home and you should take some quiet time to READ, not play computer games or choose movies.
Fourth question (from Connor): Mommy, why havent I been here before?
Now that's just sad! I may not get there as often as I should, but I promise this kid has been to the library.
Granted, it's not typically a relaxing trip, as he RUNS all over the place, talking as if he is at the gym, or outside, rather than in a L-I-B-R-A-R-Y!!
I yearn for the day when I can go, get the kids settled into a good book, sit down and READ for myself. I have a feeling Im not close to that day.
So we get home.
Yes, you can have a snack.
No, you cannot have another brownie for snack.
No, you cannot have some ice cream for snack.
No, you may not watch TV.
No, you may not get on the computer.
YOU MAY READ YOUR BOOKS IN QUIET! Get comfy, kick your shoes off, relax and read...
WHAT? But mom, that's just SO BORING!!!!!!!
Calgon take me away - or take my kids away.
Looks like the summer DOES turn kids heads to mush.
I may have some re-teaching on my hands.
Tonight - we begin. 30 minutes of reading before bed.
End of story.


maura said...

hilarious! i love your blog. knowing those kids and their energy levels, i can just picture what your trip to the library must be like. i'm sure that, someday, you'll have one of those visits where you, too, can actually read. but yeah, right now, i'm sure that feels far, far away.

i'm sure you don't remember going to the library when we were little (!), but it was one of my most favorite things to do. (of course, there were no computers then!) maybe part of what could make it more enjoyable for them - and you - is pointing them in the direction of stuff they're interested in. i seem to remember spending literally hours looking through the "art" and "drawing" books...especially Ed Emberley books. dang. i still love those books!

a friend of mine actually has a kind of "incentive program" in place so that her boy reads more during the summer. if he reads a 1/2 hour each day, talking about the book once he's done, he gets to pick out a book to buy for himself at the end of the summer, before school starts. hey, a little bribe can't hurt, right? :)

Carrie said...

The teacher in me loves this entry!!! ~ Carrie M.

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