Monday, July 20, 2009

I think Chris is nesting...

No kidding. The unfinished part of our basement has been a catch all since we
a. moved the furniture out of the guest room to make room for baby room and
b. remodeled our kitchen
We have a pretty large unfinished portion to our basement, yet you wouldnt know it - it was impossible to move through it! So today, I suppose Chris had had enough!
He called me at work, asking what I wanted to do with everything. He said he needed permission to throw certain things out...(I guess Ive taught him something over the last 12 years!) ;)
Thus far, he has:
1. moved all furniture to one central location (with no help of mine)
2. reorganized all painting and house supplies
3. repacked all kids' clothing, my clothing (you know, all those pre-pregnancy items Im gonna get in REAL quick after Libby's arrival) and my shoes
4. repacked all photo albums, scrapbooks and photos
5. purchased storage containers for my grandmother's china AND repacked all the china in them
6. shop-vacuumed the entire room because of the soot and dust that had accumulated because of the renovation
7. and more...but Im tired thinking about it all.
I sat and offered advice. Yes, I helped - a little - but not much. Nope, it was all Chris.
He says he wanted to get all this done before he begins his new job. I believe that.
I also think he is nesting. :)
It's kindof endearing in a way. :)
Now we are closer to being ready for baby #4. Still have to finish the trim in the baby room. That's next on my list - er, I mean his list!
:) Off to cook dinner...who am I kidding? Im picking up pizza! :)

1 comment:

maura said...

ha! cool! this sounds like what my sunday was in our basement... though, rest assured, i am NOT nesting ;)

what can i say? it feels good to me to organize. esp when i am unmotivated to paint b/c the idea hasn't quite materialized...yet. anyway, our basement is one big step closer to being clean!

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