Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

So, the plan was to head downtown to play with the city-sponsored bouncers, games, etc., watch a bike race and then head tothe park for the fireworks. First, I wanted to get a photo of the it is:

What? You say where is Connor? Hmm, seems the ONLY time this kid does NOT want his photo taken is when I want to take it. Nice. Oh well. To dinner we went with Mama:

Then downtown we went. The race was cool - the kids enjoyed that. But the bouncers that were supposed to be up till 9pm apparently closed at 6:30pm - and no one knew why. Nice. You would think that as a mom of three (almost four) kids that I would know better than to tell the kids what we are doing until I know that the activities are still available. Nope. Owell. The kids still had fun:

Well, Connor didn't exactly LOVE the ride - we had to stop it to take him off!

Then off to watch fireworks - or to wrestle - which seemed to be more appealing to the kids (much to the dismay of those around us). Yes, some people actually moved away from us. Chris claims it is so they could see the fireworks better...Im not so sure!

Yet another photo - without Connor - does anyone want a three-year old boy??

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

1 comment:

maura said...

great pics! looks like you all had fun :) we had fun camping & exploring the caves. definitely would be a fun place to take the kiddos someday. talk to you soon. xo

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