Thursday, July 2, 2009

Connor's first trip to the ER

Well, it was bound to happen. When you play tag on metal bleachers at your sister's softball game, you are bound to slip, fall and hit your cheek on the corner of the bleachers and need stitches - didn't Connor get that memo?

Apparently not. The poor little guy, covered in blood, wanted NOTHING to do with a "band eed" (band-aid) and it took a lot of coaxing, some soothing talk from me and some hard love to get one on his face. But as long as he was able to hold the bloody rag on top of the band eed then he was ok. You know, some battles aren't worth fighting. Sure. Go ahead. Take the bloody rag.

Then came the hospital. Oh good lord - where this child developed this PHOBIA of doctors and hospitals, I do not know. Some of the classic quotes from the experience:

"Doctors are bad people."
"No one is allowed to touch my band eed."
"I don't like this place."

Now imagine these phrases, along with others, such as, (which were said as they placed three stitches on his cheek):
"Take me home, RIGHT now, mommy!"
"They are still touching me!"
"Lift my whole body!"
"Don't leave me here!"

were not merely said...they were S-C-R-E-A-M-E-D at the top of his lungs throughout his time at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

My personal favorite was "LIFT MY WHOLE BODY" - as if Im going to lift part of him and leave the rest of him there. ;)

Anyway, the staff was great. They essentially tied him to a table and four nurses and myself held him down while daddy and I tried calming him down. That kid is STRONG and was NOT impressed with us!

In the end, all is well, his face will be bruised, but he will live.
Im sure we will post photos soon.

God help me when we have to get the stitches out! YIKES! No swimming for 5 days. But he is good to go. Good as new!

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