Wednesday, July 29, 2009

12:30pm is like the running of the bulls in our house...

(Not that I've ever been to the running of the bulls...)
You see, that's when I get home from work. I work at a gym in the mornings, and then am home in the afternoon. Pretty sweet deal, really. Get a little ME-time, work with awesome people and then am able to come home to the kiddos, and until next Monday, Chris.
After Monday, no luck on Chris being here, as he has to go BACK TO WORK!!! It's been too nice having him home all summer. Love it. Love it. Love it.
Have I said that I love it?
But I digress...
So I leave work to come home at about 12:30pm...the kids have been at home with Chris all morning. You know, doing summer stuff. Playing outside, riding bikes, etc. Or if you're Connor, you have been following Dad around all morning as he completes yard work. No play lawn mower for, he simply walks behind Chris as he mows the yard.
Yeah, I know, sounds like a whole hellofa lotta fun, doesn't it?
Again, I digress...
So I come home at 12:30pm, done with my work day, happy to be home. :)
I enter s-l-o-w-l-y - maybe they won't hear me...maybe I can sneak into the bedroom and catch a quick nap before they even know I'm around...maybe, I can even make my own lunch and eat it all by myself, without anyone yelling, fighting, singing (see previous post about one of my kids singing), or asking me to feed them...
maybe, just maybe, it will happen today...
"Mom, can I have lunch?"
"What are we doing today?"
"Can we go to the pool?"
"I'm hungry!"
"Keely won't stop hitting me!"
"Connor won't stop following me!"
"Abby won't stop singing! (oops, I think I've given something away here)
"Where were you?" (This is a personal fave...I've only been working at this place for 5 years...)
"Why were you gone so long?"
"What's for dinner?"
"Can I get on the computer?" (see earlier post about computers...)
"Do you have to go back to the gym today?"
"Can we go with you?"
"Were our friends at the gym?"
"I'm hungry!"
"I'm 'firsty'" (Connor talk, can you guess?)
It's literally as though NO ONE has talked to them all morning.
Right now, I'm cherishing the quiet of the evening. Girls are playing outside. Connor is downstairs with Chris...
Oh heck, the girls just came barreling in the door. Time to enforce the 30-minute reading time.
This should go over well.
Just another day in the life...

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